Turn Your Web Site into an Outrageous
Money-Maker with the E-Commerce Diva's
Supersize Your Web Sales™
6-Week Tele-Bootcamp

"Help! My e-commerce web site has fallen and it can't get up!"

My popular weekly, six-session ecommerce marketing course will walk you through each step of turning your web site into a super selling machine, helping you get more customers and make more money!

This Tele-Bootcamp is for any small business owner who is ready to take their e-commerce web site to the next level. Each Bootcamp is limited to only 10 participants, so everyone gets lots of individual attention.


When Does It Start?

The next Bootcamp starts Wednesday, June 17.

We meet by telephone for six consecutive Wednesdays:
June 17 and 24; and July 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2009
8 PM - 9:30 PM Eastern time (7 PM CT, 6 PM MT, 5 PM PT)

No worries if you have to miss a class — all sessions are recorded!

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Learn From a Real Pro

Over the past 14 years, I've been selling my own products and services online, developing successful web stores for others, and fine-tuning the strategies that separate the mediocre web sites from those whose sales are skyrocketing. I've boiled this knowledge down to a proven formula that will work for any web store, and I'd like to share it with you!

"Since graduating from Jamila's Bootcamp six weeks ago, our average web site order has already increased by 70 percent! I simply used what I learned in the Bootcamp to tweak our home page and change the way I write the descriptions of our gift products during the holiday season. I am very impatient to see what next year will bring after I actually implement the rest of the plans and tools I acquired in your Bootcamp. THANK YOU!!
Dorothy Vitrano, "The Fruit Lady"


More Bang for Your Buck

My consulting clients pay thousands of dollars to work with me one on one. If you hired me to work with you individually for the same 9 hours of instruction time, it would cost you a cool $1,800.00. But I'm committed to helping small businesses harness the power of the Internet, and I wanted to develop a program that was affordable and accessible to businesses of any size. The result is the Supersize Your Web Sales™ Tele-Bootcamp. With this unique new program, the use of small groups reduces the cost to each participant— you get the benefit of individual attention and solutions unique to YOUR business, without the big price tag!

Another big benefit of working in a small group is you get the support of your camp-mates. Other members are available to offer feedback, encouragement and inspiration. In addition to the interactive calls, you'll be able to communicate with each other in a private online forum, not just in-between Bootcamp sessions but after you graduate from the program as well!


How Do I Know If I Need This Bootcamp?

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Check all that apply.

My web site costs more money than it brings in.

Sometimes I feel intimidated by all of this Internet Marketing stuff.
I know more people would buy if I could just increase my web site traffic.

My web site launched a while ago, but my sales aren't growing fast enough.

When it comes to marketing my products on the Web, I tend to procrastinate.
I wish I knew how to understand my web site "hits" and stats and use them to get more sales.
I've been collecting e-mails for my "mailing list," but I haven't done much with them yet.
I don't think my web site is performing as well as it could.

I don't have a clear, written action plan for increasing my 2009 web sales.

I know online marketing would help grow my business, but I'm not sure exactly what steps to take first.

Once a customer places an order, I rarely hear from them again.

I wish I had a support system of other e-commerce entrepreneurs who I could turn to with questions or problems; someone who really understands what I'm going through.

The average amount of a typical order from my web site isn't increasing each quarter.

How many of these did you check?

If you checked off more than three boxes, you definitely need the Supersize Your Web Sales™ Tele-Bootcamp to bring your online marketing up to speed. And if you checked off more than six, you need to run—not walk—to the registration form!


"Highly recommended! The Bootcamp had a huge immediate
impact on my e-commerce business. The exercises I did with
Jamila revealed revenue opportunities I was missing, and after implementing just a few of her suggestions, traffic to my web site increased by over 200% and my t-shirt sales doubled. If
you're selling products online, get yourself into this program NOW."
– Anthony Teat, Wear We Belong
Columbia, MD


What Will I Learn?

During the six Bootcamp sessions —more than 9 hours of instruction and coaching— I’ll guide you step-by-step, showing you everything you need to do to turn your web site into an OUTRAGEOUS selling machine!

During the Bootcamp, we'll focus on the four major areas that increase your revenue:

  1. Increasing web traffic.
  2. Attracting more new customers.
  3. Getting your customers to spend more money with each order.
  4. Bringing your customers back to place repeat orders.

At the end of the six-week Bootcamp, you will:


"I'm *thrilled* to report after implementing several of Jamila's techniques from her last Boot Camp, my sales went from an average of 38 orders a month to 142 orders last month! "
C.T., Beauty/Cosmetics Entrepreneur

C.T.'s 2008 UPDATE: "Business is great. I'm almost doubling sales
each month and on target to hit a million in sales by the
end of this year!"


In Addition, You'll Get:

To ensure that everyone gets lots of individual attention, each Bootcamp is limited to just 10 participants.


What's All This Worth to You?

6 weeks of coaching and training @ $200 per hour = $1,800.00

20-minute individual consultation = $65.00

Private online forum = $600.00 per year

Audio downloads = $600.00

All of the individual components of the Supersize Your Web Sales™ Tele-Bootcamp package would run you $3,065.00. But because I want to empower small businesses and I want regular folks to have easy access to the information that will transform their businesses, I'm offering you this program at an unbeatable rate of only three payments of $339!


Are You Prepared to Invest in Your Success?

If your web site earns you as little as three additional $50 orders per week, the Bootcamp pays for itself after just 7 weeks! And surely we can accomplish that, together!

"I'm *thrilled* to report after implementing several of Jamila's techniques from her last Boot Camp, my sales went from an average of 38 orders a month to 142 orders last month! "
C.T., Beauty/Cosmetics Entrepreneur


In Fact, I Guarantee Your Success!

I stand behind my workshops. With the "Supersize Your Web Sales™ 6-Week Tele-Bootcamp" and any other E-Commerce Diva product, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for ONE FULL YEAR!

But there's an important condition. The "Supersize Your Web Sales™ 6-Week Tele-Bootcamp" is just that, a bootcamp. Action is required on your part. Your commitment to taking positive, hands-on action to market your web site and grow your business is a necessity. You won't learn by "osmosis"—you need to attend the sessions and do the homework that is assigned with every session. If you do all the homework, you will get results. If you attend at least 70% of the sessions and do at least 70% of the homework and are not thrilled with the outcome, you can request a full or partial refund within one year. However, if you don't do the work, the only guarantee I can offer you is that you won't get results!

"Your course was wonderful! As a matter of fact I called two of my best friends on the way home last night to tell them they should really sign up for the next one. The course provided exactly the information stated in the course description, and more, from a professional who has 'lived' the business experience rather than a book."
– Janice York-Brown, Washington, D.C.


Now you have no excuse not to get that e-commerce web site overflowing with orders in 2009!


So, are you ready to Supersize Your Web Sales™ for 2009?

YES, Jamila— I'm ready to get all the new clients, web traffic, and orders I can handle! Enroll me in your "Supersize Your Web Sales 6-Week Tele-Bootcamp"!

I understand that I'll not only get the 6 weeks of Bootcamp instruction, but I'll also get the unlimited questions to the E-Commerce Diva via e-mail during the program, 20 minutes of one-on-one consulting with the E-commerce Diva, a private online forum just for me and my camp-mates, and audio downloads of all of the Bootcamp sessions.

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PLEASE NOTE: You'll be dialing in to a (712) U.S. area code for all four Bootcamp sessions. Any normal long distance telephone charges are your responsibility. Need cheap long distance service? Check out Skype